50 People On ‘The Sluttiest Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Thought Catalog

Compiled from AskReddit.



Showed my boobs for a panini



Got head seeing cloudy with a chance of meatballs. 15 minutes into what was an empty theater a small family came in and totally knew what was up. We left shortly thereafter in the most awkward rush.. But it was hot.



Had sex on the hood of a Ferrari on the Las Vegas strip – it wasn’t my car, or my gentleman friends, it was just some random car. Also A LOT of people stopped to watch. I didn’t care, I was drunk, young, and on the hood of a Ferrari.



One time I had a date with a guy named Jon. After the date he came back to my place, we watched a movie, had some wine, and then we fucked 3 times. About an hour after he left though, I…

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