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My New Playtoy – The FuckBox!

Love this!

Cumslut's Admissions. The diary of a depraved young woman

I’ve been looking for a new experience for a little while now.  Something that could combine my interest in being used as a simple spunck loving cum-dumpster and my love of submission.  Well, I think I may have found it!

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I don’t post too often but when I do my posts are an outbursting of enthusiasm and when I read them back to myself I can remember exactly the feelings that I experienced when I wrote the original.  Knowing my posts are read by people who are enjoying themselves just as I did when I wrote them is truly satisfying.  Now, I know that some people who read my posts will be put off by my honesty and openness but that’s not my problem.  I’d like some public opinions on this so I’m open to hearing all and sundry speaking their…

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50 People On ‘The Sluttiest Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Thought Catalog

Compiled from AskReddit.



Showed my boobs for a panini



Got head seeing cloudy with a chance of meatballs. 15 minutes into what was an empty theater a small family came in and totally knew what was up. We left shortly thereafter in the most awkward rush.. But it was hot.



Had sex on the hood of a Ferrari on the Las Vegas strip – it wasn’t my car, or my gentleman friends, it was just some random car. Also A LOT of people stopped to watch. I didn’t care, I was drunk, young, and on the hood of a Ferrari.



One time I had a date with a guy named Jon. After the date he came back to my place, we watched a movie, had some wine, and then we fucked 3 times. About an hour after he left though, I…

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I love to Fantasize about my Hot Boss!

Fun XXX Porn


Ever since He started working as a pool boy, he has been wondering what it would be like to have sex with his boss. She would come up to him and say “Hey, how are you today” He would reply “I am fine” she would then say “Yes you are, would you like to come in and take a break for a moment” And bring him in the house and sit him down next to her on the sofa. “I know you have been thinking about me” She would calmly say “N-N-No” He would stutter. “It’s ok, I bet you have a giant cock, I would love it in my tight pussy” She would then proceed by rubbing my thighs, as he started groping her As he had sex with his Boss!


Oh man, just thinking about it turns me on so much!

Please Visit my website…

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Fantasy to Reality

Fun XXX Porn

Large Natural

I was sitting at home when I heard a knock at the door. I wonder who that could be, I got up and went and answered the door, Standing there was my next door neighbor A Handsome guy I have only fantasized about. He wanted to know if I could give him a ride, his car broke down and he was going to meet someone. I invited him to come in and I would help him figure it out.

We stood there and talked about who he was meeting, and how long he had. I then asked what he thought about me, He admitted to having some fantasies about us. So in my mind I figured I would make them come true, as I slowly started rubbing his shoulder. “I do not know about this, I was going to meet someone else” he said. “It is ok” I assured him…

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Another first for us

We’ve been around the block if we speak about swinging. But there are so many fantasies we want to explore or make a reallity. One of my wife’s fantasies was for us to have a threesome (or moresome) in a hotel room. Well last weekend we went to a Casino in our area. We didn’t plan on trying out one of our “hundreds” of fantasies but opportunity knocked on our door. I recognized it quickly after we had a drink at a bar and started speaking with a sexy young guy who was visiting our country from India. I immediately fantasized myself and this guy fucking my very sexy wife in one of the casino hotel rooms. I did’t  wast any time in telling him what my plans were. He agreed that the idea sounded like a lot of fun.

(to be continued) sorry guys time cached up ..will finish this later